Q&A with Romanoff, featured in Floor Trends Magazine

The buzz around the industry for the past number of years has centered on the installation sector and how the shortage of qualified installers can be dealt with. The Installation Summit in Dallas in early August brought to light a number of ideas and opinions from a host of players from all sectors of the industry each anxious to help come up with an answer to help bring this situation to a close … [Read more...]

Installation: There are Solutions, by Romanoff CEO Aaron Ribner

In the August 26th issue of Floor Covering Weekly Santiago Montero highlights some of the challenges the flooring industry has had with installation for the past several years. He rightfully mentions that we have seen the aging out of an “entire generation of installers”, the challenges with an education system that seems preoccupied on college, and the fact that installing can still be a good … [Read more...]

Vision Program, featured in Pro Installer Magazine

Recently, a team from Romanoff Renovations attended the Installation Summit in Dallas, TX. Our company was keenly interested in hearing what leaders in the industry ranging from manufacturing to retailing to installation had to say about the growing challenges of finding qualified installation labor across the United States. Read More … [Read more...]

Floor Trend Magazine’s Dave Foster’s Interviews Romanoff CEO Aaron Ribner and VP of Support

Discussed is the firm’s view of the situation in the industry’s installation sector, its approach toward the services it offers, the programs it has developed, the controls it has put in place as well as its approach in the area of recruiting, training, and advancing installers and its plans for the future. LISTEN TO PART 1 LISTEN TO PART 2 LISTEN TO PART 3 … [Read more...]

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